Clothing embossing machine

Clothing Embossing Machine

Model No.: HMJ-YJ-303

Features of Clothing Embossing Machine:

Automatic constant temperature

Automatic timing

Automatic counting

T structure

Independent temperature control upper and lower heating plate

Hydraulic cylinder drop limit function

Independent workstation operation

Parameters of Clothing Embossing Machine

Machine heating plate specification 400*500MM 400*300MM
Temperature regulation 10~300°C any adjustment 10~300°C any adjustment
Temperature control mode Automatic constant temperature Automatic constant temperature
Drive way hydraulic hydraulic
biggest pressure 7Mpa 7Mpa
power supply AC380V±5% 50/60HZ AC380V±5% 50/60HZ
Power: 18KW 15KW
Pressure regulation mode manual manual
Mode of operation manual/automatic manual/automatic
Hot pressing time 0.1S~99.99H 0.1S~99.99H
Pressure maintaining mode Automatic Automatic
Mechanical pressure 1T -5T adjustable 1T -5T adjustable
Heating plate area 400×500MM 400×300MM
Area of work table 1000×600MM 1000×600MM
host volume 1000×1400×1700MM 1000×1600×1700MM
Stroke of oil cylinder 200MM 200MM
cylinder drop limit function 1-50MM 1-50MM
Upper and lower mold distance 200MM 200MM
weight 450KG 550KG